Basal implantation in the Strategic Implant Concept
This latest method of implantation allows one of the most difficult clinical cases to be implanted at a reasonable cost without bone plasticity.
The method is based on the use of special implants that stabilize the deeper and more stable basal layers of the bone.
The advantage of this method is that these implants can be mounted as a tooth.
In the Strategic Implant concept, implantation enables one-to-one regeneration of the tooth line and the installation of all the necessary implants to complete the treatment within 3 days.
The method is used when:
– The absence of several teeth in succession;
-Impossibility of forced refusal or realization of bone plastic;
– Replacement of acrylic prostheses that can be produced during allergic reactions;
-During paradontitis, generalized by the loss of most bone tissue;
-Replacement of bridges and removable bugel prostheses in case of failure of the tooth teeth and re-prosthesis;
-Loss of a two-stage implant due to the development of periimplantitis;
– The patient’s time is limited;

  İmplantation and prosthetics within 3 days

– Surgery of bone structure withour risk and “sinusliftinq”;
-Implant implantation immediately after removal of teeth;
-Safe for smokers and diabetics;
-No infection around the implant;
-High-level clinical outcome;
-It has been tested with years of experience.

Modern methods of implantation – prosthetics
Each tooth consists of a crown and a root.The crown is the visible part of the tooth that plays a role in chewing food, but the root of the tooth lies beneath the tooth and holds the tooth..Even the loss of a tooth can lead to tooth decay, functional loading and disease of the remaining teeth during chewing.
Implantation helps to restore lost teeth without burning the adjacent teeth.
Implantation with the Strategic implant concept allows even older people to repair their teeth without additional surgery and costs.
Any structure can be attached to an implant – single teeth or bridges.

İmplant – “artificial roots”, restoration of lost teeth
The implant fits perfectly with the bone, resembles a screw, varies from 3.5 to 5 mm wide and 8-19 mm in length.
Modern implants are more durable than natural tooth roots. Therefore, our implants will serve you for many years.

İmplants are made of excellent titanium.
Titanium is perfectly aligned with the tissues of the body, is extremely durable, resistant to high loads and pressure, and does not cause any allergic reactions.
The implant made of titanium combines well with the bone and the risk of rejection is extremely low – no more than 2%.

İmpact of implantation on your life:
Implantation does not interfere with the patient’s diet, exercise, or diagnosis of the disease.
The life of a patient with an implant is no different from that of a natural tooth.

How implantation occurs:
The implant is inserted into the deep layers of the bone and the head is left over the tooth. The lid or bridge is fastened to it.

One of our patients, whom we know, has contacted us, has been running a Bugel prosthetic on the lower and upper jaw for more than 7 years.Under the ceramics, the teeth need repetitive treatment and some removal. We offered our patient a baseline implant, and it was affordable. 1.We pulled the patient's teeth; 2.We made a temporary full prosthesis for 5 days; 3. we planted implants 1 month later; 4.Two days later, we made the metal frame a primer; 5.A day later we adjusted the teeth with ceramics; 6.One more day we put our teeth in; 7.One day later, we repaired the teeth; Complete implant prosthesis of the lower jaw and upper jaw for just 5 days.

This patient has lost his prosthesis and I am a long-distance heavy truck driver.If possible, my prosthesis quickly we have guaranteed him to fix the implant for 2 days or 3 days prosthesis.The patient agreed to plant the implant,and we cemented his teeth for 2 and a half days.Thank you for what you did not know from joy.